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From inception of our business in 2006, we have worked hard to enhance and expand our services in an industry that is at the heart of economic and social transformation. Our aim is to bring people and businesses together in what we do best, by offering mobile and fixed services, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to people, homes and businesses all over the UAE. We are building telecommunication company by taking connectivity to the next level to fit the future and the people need because our customer will always be our main focus. Therefore, we are providing carrier services, a data hub, internet exchange facilities and satellite service for broadcasters.


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Du provide Super fast download and upload speeds with an all-new superfast broadband.

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Unlimited Internet

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You only have to choose one of your flexible du Home plans and we’ll manage everything else for you,even if you want to switch from another provider.

Du Home Internet

Du is one of the pioneers of internet services in the UAE. They have the world’s largest SIP network in UAE. It’s one of the best companies providing high valuable Du home internet with unlimited bandwidths and many other privileges. Undoubtedly, in the UAE, our company is the most recommended regarding personal, home, or business Internet Services. Uae home wifi is providing the Du internet services with quick installation and standard quality customer support. Check out the latest Du home internet packages and get connected with nominated home internet services in UAE.

Du Home Internet Packages

The Internet is one of the basic needs of every home and business. Besides, it connects us with our social world and is widely used for entertainment, social, and business purpose. Du is providing remarkable services regarding every type of home and office internet needs. Moreover, Du home internet packages are available with unlimited data, lightning-fast speeds, and multiple other perks.


It has specially designed home internet packages for every type of home users’ needs. Certainly, you can choose a suitable package according to your requirement too. Above all, you will get a 10% discount on the bill. In fact, you don’t need to pay any upfront costs. All you need to check out is our home internet plan and select a suitable one according to your needs and requirement.

Get unlimited fun with your friends and family at home. Enjoy fast internet surfing, browsing, and endless gaming fun, securely at your home. Surprisingly, all the internet packages are affordable and economical as compared to other internet-services providers. Du is also the standard name regarding home internet services. In fact, you can get multiple different types of services for your home and offices. It’s your time now to be smart and choose the best internet services.

Du Internet Packages For Home

Du has specially designed Du internet packages for its customers. Importantly, you can also choose a suitable package. Besides, you can also get mobile devices to enjoy unlimited data surfng too. Multiple other internet services are available for home and office internet. Above all, get a 10% discount and free installation right now with home internet packages. Moreover, you will get the latest internet routers, which ensure maximum internet speed. Du has the broadest coverage in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and all the UAE’s leading cities.

Why Choose DU Internet Services?

In today’s world, there are too many internet service providers. Indeed everyone claims to be the best internet services provider. Du is providing maximum privileges, with more than 9 million satisfied customers. Above all, the following are some nominated prerequisites you can get from us right now.

Internet Brand

DU is a commercially re-branded name of EITC (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company). First, it has the largest internet infrastructure in the UAE. Second, it has maximum customers. Last, we are providing the best and affordable internet solution for home and office with standard quality services. Certainly, we are the most reputed company, and besides, we value our customer’s time and money. Our dedicated team and staff are always ready to assist you with every kind of internet service.

High Valuable Services

Get free installation services, supersonic Internet with high bandwidth, and smart solution for your office and home needs. Our support team is always ready to assist you, 24/7. Du is one of the nominated companies for its high-value services. Undoubtedly, we never compromise on the services and always ensure that you will get the best customer experience at top priority.

Today, everyone prefers to get the Internet for home and office from Du. We are also providing multiple innovative solutions for home and business, in short, we are providing multiple facilitation along with smart security, networking, and automation. Of course, you can also get TV services that helps you access the latest TV services with amazing internet accessibility.

Customer Benefits & Perks

Du not only believes in quality services but also providing different benefits directly and indirectly. As a valued customer, you can get a lot of cash discounts on your billing. Additionally, get free internet installation services. The latest mobile devices are available at discounted prices.

You can call free to a landline number in the UAE. In short, Du always regards and value their customers regarding their needs and also provides the maximum benefits. You can also select multiple home internet packages to enjoy a royal customer service experience.

Du is providing multiple smart home solution which automates everything in your home. In fact, you can get multiple services for your office, which include tv services, anywhere around the UAE. The fastest Internet will unleash the fun in your life.

Internet Affordability

Great services always come with a great price; however, UAE home wifi, which is providing Du internet home, believes in giving values to the customer in affordability. It doesn’t matter whatever services you are getting until or unless it’s something you can’t afford. Du has never compromised on its standard quality of the Internet; hohowever are still providing everything at a nominal price.

Check out our latest plan about home internet. These packages are designed by understanding the purchasing power of the people. Surprisingly, you won’t need to worry about the speed, internet surfng, and browsing from our Internet. Our all Services and everything is easily affordable as compared to every other company. Moreover, you will also get multiple types of add ons additionally. There are unlimited discounts, free calls, affordable tv services, and smart home solutions, making Du your first choice regarding all your internet needs.

Innovation & Technology

As an Internet services provider, Du is constantly growing rapidly. They are adopting the latest innovative ideas, and now they are offering the smartest home and office solutions. These solutions are fully automated. Du has also innovated their services and coverage and now available in all the UAE.

Du is now proving Tv services, networking, and automation solutions for home and offices and, above all, providing the best mobile and home internet with the latest trending mobile gadgets. Importantly, Du is a one-stop solution regarding all your internet needs. They have adopted the latest innovative infrastructure so you can always get the best internet services with bandwidths.

Trendsetter In UAE

Many companies are providing internet services; however, Du is the trendsetter in the home and office internet in the UAE. We are offering the best mobile deals and also facilitating customers to the next level. We are always competing with leading companies, day by day, by improving our services.

Our latest innovative solution can comfort your life. You can also enjoy smart, innovative home solutions with automation and the best networking. Excite up your life today with the industry-leading mobile and home internet services provider. Enjoy our valuable services with your friends and family and get the best internet experience with us.

Du will be the first one who provides lightning-fast 5g Internet. You will certainly experience the highest level of customer satisfaction and high quality internet services with our innovative ideas and technology solutions.

Largest Coverage

Coverage was always the main issue regarding the past, but now Du has improved their range even in far wide areas. Now you can get our plug and play internet services in all UAE. Its is mainly including the following locations on top like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah & Ras al Khaimah.

#We Got You

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